Friday, September 21, 2012

13. Bahrain World Trade Center, Manama, Bahrain


Height: 240 meters
Cost to build: US$150 million
Completion date: 2008
Fast fact: It was the world’s first wind-powered mega-structure.

 No doubt the futuristic Bahrain World Trade Center has given the island’s skyline a big, bright slap in the chops. But the maritime connection doesn’t stop at its stunning silhouette. The two sail-inspired towers that reach vertically more than 240 meters are joined by three giant wind turbines in the middle to harness the power of nature, generating approximately 13 percent of the towers' total energy needs. In addition to showing its deep pockets, this emphatically sci-fi building also speaks volumes about Bahrain's environmental consciousness.

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  1. Удивително!Величествено и красиво!