Friday, September 21, 2012

17. Torre Agbar, Barcelona, Spain


Height: 142 meters 
Cost to build: US$130 million 
Completion date: 2004 
Fast fact: The design is inspired by the power and lightness of a geyser shooting up, touching the skies of Barcelona.

 Torre Agbar may have the look a bullet, but it doesn’t have the metallic touch like other skyscrapers. Its design was inspired by the hills of Montserrat, letting it morph quietly into the most visible landmark of the city of blue and red. The 144-meter-high building has two cylindrical layers. One topped by polished aluminum and the second clear and translucent glass with 40 different colors. With a total of 4,500 yellow, blue, pink and red lights placed over the facade, the sensation of Barcelona’s skyline helps illuminate the city with floodlights at night, making it the most discernible figure for miles, after Lionel Messi.

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