Friday, September 21, 2012

3. Commerzbank Headquarters, Frankfurt, Germany

Height: 300.1 meters
Cost to build: US$414 million
Completion date: 1997
Fast fact: There is no observatory or open area on top. The public can only get as far as the plaza level.

With the aid of a 50-meter mast, the Commerzbank Headquarters in Frankfurt soars past the 300-meter mark by a whopping 10 centimeters. The building is the tallest in Germany and second-tallest in Europe, for now. It will be surpassed by the Shard London Bridge in 2012. Swimming against the tide marks it out for this list. The Commerzbank Headquarters was the world's first so-called ecological skyscraper, making use of natural systems of lighting and ventilation and reducing energy consumption as early as 1997. In contrast to Europe's conspicuous lack of grand skyscrapers, this building celebrates its rise above low-rise offices, making it not just a symbol of Frankfurt's economy, but of Germany's attempts to pioneer eco-architectural design

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